Über Uns

Willkommen in der großen Familie

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Unsere Geschichte

Darkness was about to fall when I (Stephen Amenyo) got a phone call from a Gentle man by name Maxwell Poku, popularly, know as Kotoro.

He told me his purpose for calling was that he wanted all Ghanaians in Kasel to unite. Because nursing grudges against each other were not our best interest.

Well, there couldn`t be a heart-warming news than this! I therefore, welcomed the decision by giving him my full support. I encourage him to contact my brother

Samual Mensah, which he did.

After Kwasi had explain his reason for calling him, Sam also found the idea to be brilliant. Instantly, he (Sam) became eager to contribute his quota in bringing Ghanaians together. Subsequently, we made an appointment and met for a couple of times. We then sent secular letters to almost every Ghanaian living in Kassel inviting,

them to a meeting. Interestingly, most of them honoured the invation. Thus in 2005 Ghana Union in Kassel was formed.


Maxwell Poku was the first President of Ghana Union Kassel. Nii Patrick was elected the 2nd President. Currently, Samuel Mensah is the President.

Raphael Agyekum is this vice. Amenyo Stephen is the secretary till this day an Paul Sommer is the Financial Secretary. David Boahen is the Public Relations Officer.

Ghana Union is a non-profit organisation. Our motto is: Love Peace and Understanding. Our aims are:

A – help orphanage homes in Ghana and beyond.

B – Promote and preserve the Ghanaian culture.

C – give information to tourists travelling to Ghana

D – motivate ghanaian and African youths in general to learn assiduously and to respect their teachers, organises leisure activities for kids.

E – Assists new Students and immigrants in search of Appartments.

F – Organises Dia Shows/Curses/Sminars.


Ghana Union Kassel is registered at Amtsgericht Kassel nehere the association has us legal seat. An active member of the Ausländerbeirrat Kassel, taking part in all activities

organ??? by the councel.


Future Projekt

We plan to continue our cherity assistance to institutions like childrens Homes, hospitals and orphanager in Ghana. In co- operation with Nima e.V we have been of help to

hundreds of street children who have found a new Home/schooling.

We plan localy to promote an support the Kasseler Tafel in this activities.


You want to help / assist in relations our dreams? Support of our charity activities in Afrika will be welcomed. Donate to:


Ghana Union e.V.

Bank: Kassler Sparkasse

Kontonummer : 114 2323

Bankleitzahl: 520 503 53

Das Konzept

Ghana Union e.V. Kassel ist ein Verein der sich dafür einsetzt das die interkulturellen kompetenzen der Völker sich verbessert, speziell in Deutschland versuchen wir dies zu vermitteln.

Als Grundvoraussetzungen interkultureller Kompetenz gelten Feinfühligkeit und Selbstvertrauen, das Verständnis anderer Verhaltensweisen und Denkmuster und ebenso die Fähigkeit, den eigenen Standpunkt transparent zu vermitteln,verstanden und  respektiert zu werden, Flexibilität zu zeigen, wo es möglich ist, sowie klar oder deutlich zu sein, wo es notwendig ist. 

Unsere Partner